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FOR RELEASE: 2 endorsement Thu, March 11, 2022


Proud first-generation Texan Sery Kim has officially received the official endorsements from Young Kim (R-CA) and Michelle Steel (R-CA)

NAVARRO COUNTY, T.X. – Sery Kim, a lifelong Texan, attorney, and former Assistant Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) appointed by President Donald J. Trump, has officially been endorsed by two sitting Members of Congress in her campaign for the open seat in Texas’ 6th Congressional District.

“Today, as a life-long Texan and child of immigrants from Seoul, South Korea, I am honored to receive the endorsements from these distinguished Members of Congress. I am working hard to earn the votes of Texas’ 6th Congressional District and will work even harder if my friends and neighbors send me to Washington. The radical left wing agenda of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must be stopped, and I have the tools necessary to put an end to the madness on Capitol Hill.”

Congressman Pete Sessions, (R-TX): “As a veteran o fthe Small Business Administration in Washington, DC, Sery Kim excelled in her role to support small businesses and their success. Sery has a professional and in-depth understanding, not only of the importance of small businesses and their impact on our economy, but also a deep knowledge of their needs to become successful. Her voice resonates common sense and wisdom for our country. I am excited to hear she is running for Congress and know, if elected, she would be an invaluable team member for the Texas delegation.”

Young Kim (R-CA) said, “I am proud to endorse Sery Kim for Congress and am confident she has the knowledge and experience needed to represent Texas’ 6th Congressional District. Her commitment to public service and dedication to issues important to Conservative ideals are impressive. Sery has embraced the American Dream and will be a steadfast Representative of the great people of Texas. She has my full support.”

Michelle Steel (R-CA) said, “Sery is the kind of leader that our nation needs, and she has my full support and endorsement in her candidacy for Texas’ 6th Congressional District. Her accomplishments speak for themselves: from finishing college in two years with a 3.98 GPA, graduating law school by age 23, to her public service for Members of Congress and two Presidents, Sery has proven that she is the best woman for the job. I look forward to serving with her in Congress.”


Sery Kim is running as a candidate for the U.S. Congress in the 6th District of Texas. More information about her campaign can be found at